Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I don't know about you, but I can never choose which high street mascara is the best; so normally I just end up buying them all. This post is going to be a battle of the mascaras (mainly highstreet and one high end). I have chosen mascaras that I like and wear day to day, however they're all good for different occasions and different looks.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume- £8.99
The new Miss Manga mascara has had so much hype in the blog and beauty world, with the extensive advertising and constant reviews, so when this came out of course I had to get it. At first I wasn't a huge fan, but as I started using it more I really enjoyed it.
Lengthening: Lengthens quite well, although not a huge amount- 6/10
Volume: This was advertised as a mega volume mascara, I found it did have a lot of volume but I wouldn't describe it as 'mega'- 8/10
Overall: I enjoy using the mascara and it does volumise the lashes, but not as much as I would expect it too, and also I'm not a huge fan of the flexible brush end- 7/10

Revlon Lash Potion- £9.99
This mascara a couple of months ago was my 'go too' mascara for everyday wear. I love it , it does everything I want a mascara to do, lengthening and volumising.
Lengthening: It claims to make your lashes literally grow, and I think with only a small amount it does exactly that- 9/10
Volume: Volume is not  thing it claims to do, but it does add a good amount of volume for a highstreet mascara- 7/10
Overall: I love this mascara its great for going out or during the day, it is a more expensive highstreet mascara but I think the price is definitely worth it- 8/10

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex- £6.99
The Rimmel mascaras have always been ones I have gone between when I cant find a mascara I love, the Lycra Flex is a cheap mascara that can be worn everyday day, however I only wear this when I have some time to apply it, as the brush is really big so I normally end up getting it all over my eyelid.
Lengthening: Doesn't add huge length to the lashes, only if you apply lots of layers, which ends up making your lashes really heavy- 5/10
Volume: This is advertised as a volumising mascara, and it does to some extent but not as much as others such as Miss Manga-  7/10
Overall: Not my favourite high street mascara, but it is a cheap one, and for only £6.99 it can be worth the price, if it had a smaller brush and was easier to apply I would use it more often- 6/10

Eyeko Lengthening and Skinny- £15
I was unsure whether to include the Eyeko mascara in the post, as it is a lot more expensive than the other highstreet mascaras, but I do wear it a lot and it is a good mascara, However even though it is the most expensive mascara, personally I don't think it is the best.
Lengthening: This mascara is really amazing at lengthening the lashes, making them look longer and more defined- 9/10
Volume: Even though it is great at lengthening, the formula is very thick and can way down the lashes adding little to no volume- 5/10
Overall: The mascara is good and if it was a cheaper highstreet option I would buy it again, however for the price it lengthens but can sometimes decrease the volume due to the heavy formula- 7/10

Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express- £7.99
The Falsies mascara has been raved about by every beauty blogger imaginable, and I am not in disagreement. For £7.99 this is one of my all time favourite highstreet mascaras. It does everything you want it to do, you can wear it during the day or add a bit more for a flash lash effect night out look.
Lengthening: it lengthens amazingly, with the spoon brush it gets right into the corners of the lashes making to lashes look like fake ones: 10/10
Volume: This mascara gives the lashes amazing volume in only a couple of strokes, its instant and amazing- 10/10
Overall: As you can probably tell The Falsies is my favourite high street mascara, it has everything you could ask for, and it does it well- 10/10

As you can tell Maybelline The Falsies mascara is the WINNER of the mascara wars, and at only £7.99 it is definitely a bargain.


  1. My favourite is Maybelline Colossal, it really makes your lashes big.


  2. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
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    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. I really like the sound of the Revlon Lash Potion!

    Hannah x