Sunday, 16 February 2014


I'm a girl who doesn't go anywhere without their nails painted, so when I find nail varnishes that look amazing and don't chip that often I wear them non stop. Over the past couple months I've been wearing these nail varnishes nearly every time I paint my nails. Their from a range of high street stores and a range of colours that can be worn throughout winter.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Blackberry. Topshop Matte Brutal. Barry M Berry Cosmo. Gelly Hi Shine Lychee. Rimmel London 40 (from left to right)

None of these products were over £6 and all except the Topshop one can be found in highstreet drug stores. I use the Seche Vitte topcoat which brings out the colour really nicely, add emense shine and makes it last so much longer without chipping.

Hope this post has given you some inspiration for winter nail varnishes, let me know what your top nail varnishes are. 

Katherine x

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